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Available for a variety of services in the pet and entertainment industry, including dog training, on-set animal acting, product consulting, brand ambassador, animal blog content writing, and press and media appearances as a qualified, celebrity dog trainer and pet lifestyle expert.

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Nicole Ellis, Maggie and Rossi

Mission statement:

Our dogs do everything with us and I love inspiring others to do more with their dogs, through creating a stronger bond and training. To enjoy more long walks together, explore new hiking with your dog, relaxing at a coffee shop and taking road trips with our furry best friends. Our blogs and posts are devoted to sharing our lifestyle and dog training tips to inspire others to be able to do the same.


We will not work with everyone. We only advertise products we would actually use and often do use in our household, believe in and do stand behind. Our pets really are family and using high-quality products is important to us and in recommending to other pet parents as well.

If I won’t use a product on my own dogs unfortunately I won’t share it with our readers and followers. The benefit of this is we have built up a trusting network that turns to us for product recommendations and advice.

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