Holiday gift ideas for pets and the people who love them! 

The holidays are quickly approaching. Have you finished your shopping for everyone on your list – pets included? If you’re still looking for those last few must-haves, I got together with Maggie and Rossi to make a list of our favorite products for pets and the people who love them.


KoKoLati Collars and Leashes. 

I recently got Maggie one of these collars and was so smitten I ordered one for Rossi the next week.  KoKoLati is a small business that designs premium grade leather collars, leashes, belts, and camera straps at very reasonable prices and all are handmade with love. Each piece is unique, just like your pet. (
Found My Animal. This Brooklyn-based company, a proud supporter of animal rescue and adoption, makes nautical rope leashes that are hand-spliced to withstand thousands of pounds of pull. Each leash is individually numbered to serve as a reminder of the uniqueness of your pet and also the total number animals helped by buyers of Found products. (

The Balance Harness. This is one of my new favorite products of this year. I get asked so often about which harness to use for dogs that pull. The Balance Harness is my go-to. Why do I love it? Every strap is adjustable to ensure a perfect fit for your dog with no rubbing. There’s a front clip to prevent pulling and a back clip for when pulling isn’t an issue. What I especially like is that the no-pull clip doesn’t restrict movement, so when you’re out on adventures, hiking or walking through town, your pet’s gait won’t be impeded in any way. (








Tiny Town Pets Treats. Having a VERY picky dog (that would be you, Maggie),

I’m always on the hunt for new treats that are not only healthy but that she won’t reject. Currently, I’m super excited about how much she loves Tiny Town Treats. Made locally in Los Angeles, they only use the freshest fruits, veggies and cheeses for a special snack that is Maggie-approved.  (

Egg Nog and Pumpkin Spice Latte. It’s just not the holidays without some hot pumpkin spice latte, and thanks to Honest Kitchen, your pets can enjoy it too. Maggie loves the taste and I love that it contains probiotics to help digestion. (

WinPro. Maggie just turned 10, and while this can be scary she’s doing great, I’m doing everything in my power to keep her not only happy but also pain free. I just started her on WinPro and am super excited to have found it thanks to our friends at Blue-9.  Today, WINPRO is the first and only line of supplements for dogs using the power of animal blood proteins, focusing on gut health, mobility, conditioning/recovery and focus/calming. We love how Maggie’s doing on it and look forward to starting Rossi shortly too!  (





Pet P.L.A.Y. Toys.  My puppy Rossi has already claimed his favorite toys in the house. These are the ones he plays with every single day. The first is a P.L.A.Y taco! Maggie loves it too so they’re both constantly wrestling over it and battling for its pull-apart pieces. The Pet P.L.A.Y range offers so many cute items from toys to pet tents to beds. I’m sure you’ll find something your pet will love. (

Fluff & Tuff Toys. Durable plush toys for dogs. Fluff & Tuff makes Rossi’s other favorite toy and Maggie wouldn’t disagree with this. These are really durable soft plush toys. A determined dog can still destroy them but I can say the Fluff & Tuffs have definitely outlasted the other soldiers in our stuffed animal army. Not to mention they are incredible adorable too. (

Nina Ottosen Puzzle Games. Puzzle games for dogs! One of the best ways to tire your dog out is through mental stimulation. See our blog on it here I’m a huge fan of these brain-teasers for dogs. I love the variation between the puzzle games and the treat-dispensing toys. Both of these are huge hits in our house.  (

Furbo Pet Camera. We recently added this pet camera to our house and there’s a few features I just love on it!  It has a bark alert that notifies me on my phone if it detects barking (with great accuracy!). I can make videos and take photos of my pets at home as well as speak directly to them. What Maggie and Rossi like best is that I can give them treats from it. Rossi gets so excited when it chimes because he knows that treats are coming! The latest edition has some new features such as a pet selfie mode that will take your pet’s photo when he’s staring at the camera waiting for a treat. So far we LOVE our Furbo – I love checking on the pets and making sure they are okay, they love having a magic device that spits out treats for them. (


SleepyPod. SleepyPod makes the harnesses and car carriers that I use for Maggie and Rossi when we’re out on the road. Their products get high marks from testing by the Center for Pet Safety. This is the safest transport equipment on the market. In a 35mph collision, a 12lb dog can exert 1,000 lbs of force – that’s enough to injure the dog as well as other passengers or even the driver of the car. I know that in 2018, the three of us will be going on lots of adventures together and it gives me peace of mind to know that Maggie and Rossi will be as safe as they can be on the road. (

K9 Sport Sack. A backpack – vet-approved – for your pup to join in on adventures like cycling, hiking, even on a motorcycle. I take it along on hikes in case one of our dogs get tired. It’s a lot easier to carry them home this way. Using this link will also provide a discount. (

The Klimb. I get asked a lot about tools for dog training. I recently added a Klimb to my training program and I love it! The Klimb is a training platform that helps with so many things, from teaching a ‘heel’ to a ‘stay’ to also helping curb some behaviors such as begging and jumping on people. I use my Klimb far more than I ever imagined so the list wouldn’t be complete without it. (


Adorables (for humans who love pets):

Cuddle Clones. Simply put: a stuffed animal replica of your pet. Cuddle Clones also do figurines, slippers and other fun products. And they really do look like your pet. Maggie’s doppelganger in my house almost always gets a doubletake when people come over. Cuddle Clones look at your pet’s body language as well as facial expression – Maggie’s clone sits just like Maggie, with her right front leg slightly more forward than her left.   Code MAGGIE will take 10% off any order make.  (

Working Like A Dog. One of my proudest accomplishments of 2017 is Working Like A Dog, my coffee table book on dogs with jobs. My friend Brandise and I traveled the US photographing working dogs and hearing their amazing stories. When we started this project, we had no idea how many ways dogs help humans and their fellow dogs. Working Like A Dog showcases these canine superheros and reminds us that, first and foremost, a dog is truly man’s best friend and co-worker. (

Rescue Strong – This is one of my favorite product sites of the year. Rescue Strong has something for every pet lover, from unique hoodies to blankets and mugs. Every time I wear a Rescue Strong product, someone stops to ask me where it’s from. And they’re not just about great design – 50% of their proceeds go back to helping shelter pets in the community. Using code MAGGIE will take 10% off any order you make. (

Embark DNA – If you have a mixed breed dog, or anything that looks slightly less typey than a Dalmatian, chances are you’ve been asked that question. About a million times. With Embark you can find out but also lear a lot of about your pets genetics and potential health risks. We wrote a blog about how much we learned from this test. Using this link will apply a discount too. (

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