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My family runs an animal rescue, and these are the 6 important thinks you need before traveling with your pet.

Reader’s Digest

40 Medium-sized dog breeds to fit any family


This dog breed is considered “the Sassiest” by a pet behavioral expert


The best hands-free dog leashes for multitasking pet owners


9 ways to keep your dog entertained indoors

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Why do dogs bury bones?

Women’s World

Can all dogs swim? Discover the answer + how to keep all dogs safe in the water



Human Years To Dog Years Calculator


10 tips to protect pets and keep them calm during July 4 fireworks


How Can You Strengthen Your Bond With Your Dog?—Experts Share Their Tips

CityNews Everywhere

Preparing your pets for holiday airline travel


3 Expert dog trainers on their #1 rule for training that actually works


17 Best winter coats and jackets to keep your pup warm!

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I’m a pet psychic — how to tell if they have been spooked by a ghost


The 5 Best automatic pet feeders of 2023, tested and reviewed


Uh-oh – 8 signs your dog is mad at you, according to professional trainers

Harnesses are safer than collars for walking dogs, experts say


The 7 best dog GPS trackers of 2023, tested and reviewed

Woman’s World

Why does my dog nibble on me? Vets reveal what those little love bites mean

The Strategist

The Best Outdoor Doghouses, according to dog owners and veterinarians

Country Living

5 things you should do if your dog is afraid of fireworks, according to pet experts

Womens World

9 Hound Dogs That Trainers Say Make the Best Family Pets


Expert offers tips for owners who have pets that may get anxious from fireworks


5 ways to keep your dog calm during fireworks or thunderstorms


Happy National love your pet day, 5 ways to celebrate in Dallas

Getting your dog to behave would be so much easier if you tried any of these things

FearFree Happy Homes

The New New on greeting a dog. whether you’re 5 or 55

The Healthy by Reader’s Digest

The 9 best dog breeds that help with anxiety, according to animal experts



Associated Press

Bringing a dog along for a holiday stay? Make sure to play

The Wildest

Nicole Ellis shares her favorite training products

The Dodo

The best puppy harness you can buy, according to trainers


The 4 best toys for dogs that like the shred, according to a trainer


The 5 best dog bowls for messy drinkers, according to a trainer

Fear Free Happy Homes

Want to bring your dog everywhere with you? First, set them up for success.

NY Magazine

Everything you need to help your dog adjust to big-city life, according to dog trainers.

Kids and pets: what you need to know for safe interactions


You could have way more control over your dog if you tried any of these clever things, according to trainers

Changing America

Traveling with a dog for holidays? Here’s what you should know

Yahoo! News

How much does a puppy cost? Everything you need to budget for during your pup’s first year


26 clever tricks trainers use to make dogs behave much better

Daily Paws

American pit bull terrier

Daily Paws

Golden Shepherd

This old house

How to stop your dog from digging in the yard

Market Screener

Rover releases pet industry predictions for 2022


10 fun ideas for a dog-friendly backyard


Your dog could be much less anxious if you do any of these 27 things, according to trainers



Amazon Prime’s The Pack

On-Camera Dog Safety member and expert dog trainer on Amazon’s The Pack

Amazon Studios

Nicole Ellis dog safety team trainer


How to keep your dog happy (and dry) during the rainy season



Life and Work with Nicole Ellis


The 6 best puppy crates as recommended by vets and trainers


Top dog pros share why crate training is important

MSN/ The Dodo

Everything you need to know about cats and toddlers


The 4 best escape-proof dog harnesses for dogs big & small

MSN/Oprah Daily

14 dogs that are perfect for first-time pet parents

The Mercury News

Headed back to work with pandemic easing? Here’s how to get over that pet-owner anxiety


If you’re returning to work IRL, begin adjusting your pet’s schedule an expert says

Beaumont Enterprise

5 Dog features to have at home before you head back to the office

Huffington Post

Instead of returning the dog your adopted during the lockdown, do this

Family Handyman

8 Tips to stop your dog from peeing in the house

Market Watch

7 Absolute best dog leashes, according to professional dog walkers and trainers

Reader’s Digest

11 Best emotional support dogs

Reader’s Digest

How to strengthen the bond withy our pets?


Don’t return your pandemic dog to a shelter – do this instead


The best raincoats to keep to help your pooch AND your home dry

Vents Magazine

The furry paradigm: how to keep your pets healthy

NY Mag

Ask the Strategist: What are the best (and nicest-looking) pet-friendly throw blankets


Do pets suffer from middle child syndrome

Best Health

11 Best emotional support dogs


13 best winter essentials for every dog owner


Greater Swiss Mountain Dog



Daily Paws

Tibetan Spaniel

How Stuff Works

The Biewer Terrier, just became the AKC’s latest breed.

Family Handyman

How to choose the best best for your dog

Reader’s Digest

9 Unexpected things that trigger dog anxiety


6 Tips for finding a great pet sitter

Times News

‘Back to normal’ boosts the cost for pandemic pups.

The Dodo

Everything you need to know about cats and toddlers

5 dog features to have at home before you head back to the office

Ceng News

Dogs pick up 11 odd habits from their owners you didn’t know about

Radio & Podcast

Dog Talk with Nick Benger

The Pack & dogs in the media

After Bark

Ep. 3 Tips, Tricks and Nutrition with Expert Dog Trainer, Nicole Ellis

Dogish Podcast

Nicole Ellis of Maggie and Nicole



The Pack on Amazon Season 1

Episode 1-10, Dog trainer & Dog Safety expert


Learn Pawsome Tricks from Celebrity Dog Trainer Nicole Ellis


Meet the four-legged contestants in reality competition ‘The Pack’


Preventing pet’s separation anxiety when working from home


How Stuff Work

The low down on the lion-like Leonbergers

Associated Press

How to keep dogs busy if working from home


How ‘The Pack’ team put dog safety first for Amazon’s adventure competition series

NY Mag

What pet-owners need to clean and protect their furnishings, according to experts


The Pack and local pet shelters joins Amazon

NY Mag

21 Best dog treats according to experts

Henry The Smol

Dog mom talk: Training & Traveling with Nicole Ellis

Animal Wellness Magazine

Is your dog a good passenger?

Reader’s Digest

18 Best medium dog breeds that might be perfect for you

NY Mag

The best dog leashes, according to Veterinarians and Dog Trainers

Animal Authority

How to stop a dog from digging in the yard


How to work from home with your pets

My Pet Needs That

How to get dog hair out of your car

WNAR ABC 2 Baltimore

How to make the most of working from home with pets

MLive Michigan

National Pet Day: Tips for working at home with your dog or cat

How Stuff Works

The Rusty-spotted cat is a teeny-tiny wild cat

Las Vegas Review-Journal

Pets ease tree of working at home, stress, survey finds


Here’s how to exercise your dog or cat while limiting outside time


What to know about adopting a dog during the pandemic

Mel Magazine

Inside the world of guide dog drop outs


Collar or harness: Which is best for your dog?

Women’s Day

The 14 Best dogs for first time pet owners

How Stuff Works

The lowdown on the lion-like Leonberger

USA Today

Dogs remain a big part of Hollywood movie-making

Associated Press

‘Back to normal’ boosts pandemic pup costs

Radio & podcast

PupFord Podcast

Building trust with your dog: an interview with Nicole Ellis

KYW NewsRadio

Quarantine may throw your pet out of whack




Having a Ruff Monday? Cheer up with Cheddar on National Dog Day!


Can I bring my dog with me?

Fox Good Day LA

Local pet-friendly destinations

Inside the Issues with Alex Cohen

Should you give CBD to your pet?


How to keep your four-legged friends safe while driving in a car


In the fast lane


She Knows

New Year’s resolutions that will benefit the whole family in 2020


How to get a dog to stop chewing things, according to experts

Reader’s Digest

How to make the best backyard for your dog or cat

She Knows

These are the top 10 breeds for kids


How to pick the best dog for your home, lifestyle and family

Good Morning America (plus video on social media)

Here’s what puppy you should adopt based on your lifestyle


The best car seats for dogs according to experts

NY Mag

What gear do dogs need to stay warm when it’s freezing out?

NY Mag

What pet-owners need to clean and protect their furnishings, according to experts

Reader’s Digest

Best apartment dogs


These are the top 10 dog breeds for kids


What’s the difference between an emotional support animal and a service dog

Nerd Wallet

Pet insurance can be your wallet’s best friend


What to do if your dog hates your partner


How much does having a puppy cost?

Reader’s Digest

15 Things your dog wishes you’d buy at Petco


Flying with your dog: should you take your dog on a plane?

American Kennel Club

How CGC Preps Canines for Take Your Dog to Work Day


Your puppy isn’t safe on a plane – an expert explains why


5 Weird, Paranormal Things Dogs Can Sense That Most Humans Can’t



Breakfast Television

Celebrity dog trainer Nicole Ellis

Good Day NY

National puppy day



Dating Advice for Pet Parents

Endless Vacation

Tip for traveling with (or without) you pet


15 Mistakes people make in the first month after adopting a dog


8 Weird habits you didn’t know dogs adopt from their owners

Pet MD

Halloween Decor that’s hazardous for pets


How to choose a unique name for your dog

American Kennel Club

Finding a cell phone in the desert: How scent work saved the day

Business Insider

10 Most popular dog breeds in the US


The 10 best dogs for apartments

American Kennel Club

A mentally stimulated dog is a happy dog

Readers Digest

15 Training secrets dog trainers won’t tell you for free

The 8 hottest new dog products will make your life easier (and cuter)

Spectrum Labs

Allergy testing changed this dog actor’s quality of life

My Domaine

An expert on the 10 mixed dog breeds you should consider bringing home


The best big dogs for apartments: Large breeds for small homes



Fox Denver – Morning News

Indoor games for dogs

Home & Family – Hallmark Channel

Questions to ask a pet sitter



11 Hero dogs with lifesaving jobs

Travel & Leisure

The definitive guide to traveling with your pet


July 4th Fireworks: Tips to protect your dog or cat


How to get your dog into show business

Endless Vacation

Tips for traveling with (or without) your pet




Hollywood’s Doggy Starlet

Women’s Day

12 Ways to keep your pet cool in the summer

Country Living

9 ways to help your dog cope with fireworks

Yahoo! News

9 Tips for Traveling with your pet in 2016


Finding the best dog for your riding style

Good Housekeeping

15 Best interactive dog toys for smarty pants dogs.

Good Housekeeping

12 Ways to keep your pet cool in the summer


6 Things to keep in mind if your dog is traveling as cargo on a plane


10 Pro tips for taking your dog on a plane


How to fly with your pet and not have it be the worst experience of your life



Travel + Leisure

The definitive guide to traveling with your pet

Huffington Post

The best and worst Thanksgiving foods to share with your dog

LA Times

Why dogs make the perfect stand-up paddle-boarding buddies

The Dodo

Three ways to keep your pet safe during the 4th of July

The Dodo

10 Questions you should always ask a pet sitter


Dog home alone? Nicole Ellis shares tips on how to help you and your dog

Being Geek Chic

Lady geek of the week




How to travel with pets

ABC News

Holiday travel? Should fido stay or go?