Dog Hiking in Malibu, CA with Maggie, friends and Whistle

Sometimes it’s fun just to let dogs be dogs.  Last time you saw Maggie and me, we were paddleboarding, which is a decidedly human adventure.  Dogs don’t go paddleboarding on their own.  This month, we’re hitting the trails and letting Maggie and her friends get as wet and dirty as they please.  Humans go along for the hike, but the action is all dog.

A few hours out in the natural world can do wonders for your pup, and surprisingly for you as well.  On the trail, there’s loads of physical and emotional stimulation, which can lead to a happy (and tired!) dog at home who has less time and interest in indulging in destructive behaviors.  Always check to see if dogs are allowed off-leash, and be aware of any potential dangers or natural hazards.  Make sure there’s water available along the way or bring along a bottle and collapsible bowl.

Also — and this may be the most important advice of all — have some old towels back at the car so you can attempt to dry off your muddy dog and keep the seats covered on the way home.  A muddy dog is a happy dog, but a muddy dog owner is usually not a happy owner. We can’t wait for our next hike!

A huge thank you to Maggie’s friend Lee DeWyze for this song, we can’t think of anything better to run along trails to. Maggie absolutely loves Lee’s family and spending days catching tennis balls and comparing her Whistle stats with one of her best friends Bear DeWyze.

Music: Fight by Lee DeWyze

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