Indoor fetch with the iFetch, Maggie, and Rocky

In California, we can reach the mountains in the morning and the waves in the afternoon.  I know, we’re lucky.  But even without that kind of access to adventure, even if the weather is so bad you can’t leave the house, there are so many possibilities for fun activities with your pet.  Maggie and I are putting together some videos of things you can do indoors. To start with, we’ve got the iFetch, one of Maggie’s personal favorite items in our house (besides cheese).  

iFetch launches tennis balls at a distance you select, perfect for inside fun no matter what size of home you live in.  And while Maggie would probably prefer it shoots cubes of cheese, she is absolutely obsessed with the iFetch.  So while I am out, or putting away my paddleboard, or if we are enjoying it together, I know that Maggie will reach her activity goal for the day. 

SHOT-04-007 1

You can even train your pup to drop the ball in the iFetch.   It’s a fun bonding experience and a good way to reinforce solid training basics.  You can see our training video on it here.  


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iFetch site:

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