13 Mental enrichment toys for dogs

Our favorite games and toys to provide lasting mental enrichment from puppies to senior dogs

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘a tired dog is a happy dog.’  I would agree with that. However, that statement doesn’t quite represent the full picture. A mentally-stimulated, tired dog is a happy dog.

Physical exercise is great and very necessary for a dog but it’s really only half of the equation. Your dog, intelligent creature that he or she is, also needs mental exercise. And often going for walks and playing fetch simply aren’t enough – in reality, mental enrihcment can tire your dog out more than those physical activities.

Here are some of my favorite mental enrichment games and puzzles for our canine companions. Keep in mind that while I use the word ‘treat’ for these games. I recommend using a mixture of both your dog’s treats and his regular food.

Also, when my dogs aren’t playing with these toys they often get put away. This makes them even more exciting when they come out again. These are the toys you keep in the closet or toybox to bring out for extra special fun occasions. Want more ideas? Check out our blog on DIY enrichment games.

  1. iFetch(Note, code MaggieRossi saves you money) This is one of Maggie’s favorite toys. For those of you with bigger dogs, the iFetch Too launches regular sized tennis balls for safe play.
  1. The Wobble Ball by Pet PLAY – The wobble ball is huge hit with both of my pups. With different size openings, I can decide how hard to make it – larger treats are harder to get out -and best of all, it comes apart so cleaning is a breeze. With code Maggierossi you can get 15% off your order!
  1. Nova Treat ball (Currently sold out) – The Nova Treat Ball is also from Pet Play.  My dogs love balls but they love treats even more. They bounce, chase, chew and generally go crazy over the Nova ball. With code Maggierossi you can also get 20% off your order!).
  1. Snoop Treat ball – Similar but oh so different the Snoop is another absolute favorite in our house and among clients! I can’t recommend this enough. I fill with different sized treats as well as some dinner and it keeps all the pup’s busy! It’s also a quiet toy which is great for the dogs that aren’t quite as confident.
  2. Snuffle Mat – While you can make this yourself (check out our DIY post), I’m not that handy. I got mine on Amazon, similar to forging for grass, you can use your dogs dinner or some treats and let them sniff and search using their brains working for their dinner. Plus, it’s machine washable making clean up super easy for me. While this is the one I have, there are other options out there such as this one and this one. The biggest difference I see is the bottom, the one I have is a fabric bottom.
  3. Kong – I use Kong and West Paw (see below) a LOT and highly recommend them both. Smear some peanut butter, yogurt, goats milk, cheese, mix in some treats, their dinner, fruit and let your pup enjoy! To make it last longer try freezing it. But first be sure to buy the correct one, black kong’s for strong chewers, blue and pink for puppies and red for everything in between!
  4. West Paw ZogoFlex: Like the kong I love this one to stuff it, I use the size small to often freeze Rossi’s dinner and he has fun working for that. I also take a large Zugo Flex and the small one and they pop together, creating a fun toy to get treats out of. I find this is really durable and great for all dogs! BUT this is not a toy we simply just drop treats into and hand it to them unless you are snapping two of these together.
  5. Ballistic Hide n’ Treat by Kong – While this isn’t a super difficult treat toy, the pups love it. I would NOT give it to a strong chewer but for the small dog crew and puppies it’s a huge hit!
  6. Lock-It by Kong – This is probably our only treat toy that Rossi struggles with to get the out  – which I love because it keeps him busy. Usually, he takes about 5 minutes to liberate all the treats from a toy but with this one, he has to keep working at it.
  1. The Kong Replay – I wasn’t sure if my dogs would like this one – they can be picky –  but this has been a real winner. As your dog paws at the toy, it rolls forwards then backwards. I love this because it really keep them interested and motivated to keep on playing. 
  2. Nina Ottosen puzzles by Outward Hound – Our favorite is the Brick Game. It’s a Level 2 in terms of difficulty but I recommend starting with this one rather than an easier Level 1 puzzle. This puzzle is very versatile and adjustable in complexity so it will occupy the mind and paws of a beginner as well as a canine puzzlemaster.
  1. iDig – (Code MaggieRossi saves you money) Rossi loves to dig. I stuff it with is food, his toys, his blankets and even when he’s got it all out, he keeps on digging till he falls asleep. I think we both love this toy! See #1 for the current sale on the iDig from iFetch.
  1. Bob-a-lot – I love this toy, it keeps our pets moving, motivated and busy! There are two adjustable doors to increase the difficulty.
  2. Kong Wobbler – We have multiples of this toy. It’s easy to clean and refill. This is not only a great way to keep your dogs busy but also to slow down feeding or make food time more engaging and fun.

Mental Enrichment Toys

Planet Dog Snoop

WestPaw Toppl


Kong stuff-a-ball

Kong Wobbler


We hope you and your pets love these interactive games! 

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