Calmaroos Pet Anxiety Toy Review: A Solution for your anxious dog, perfect for puppies and crate training

Just like humans, pets can experience anxiety, which can lead to various behavioral issues and health concerns. Fortunately, there are innovative products like the Calmaroos Pet Anxiety Toy that can help ease your furry friend’s worries. In this blog post, we’ll dive into pet anxiety, understand the benefits and uses of the Calmaroos toy, and discover how it can make your pet’s life better.

Anxiety with our dogs

Anxiety is a common issue among pets, and it can manifest in various ways. Your pet might become excessively clingy, hide, bark incessantly, or even develop destructive behaviors. These symptoms not only affect your pet’s well-being but can also lead to stress and frustration for you as a pet owner.

The causes of pet anxiety are diverse and can include separation anxiety, loud noises, thunderstorms, or unfamiliar environments such as bringing a new puppy home. To address these concerns, you need something that can help your pet feel safe and secure. it’s also important to tackle these issues from the start and try to avoid them. As once they become more serious you may need other tools, trainers or behaviorists to help.

What is Calmaroos

Calmaroos is a adorable stuffed animal dog designed to alleviate anxiety in dogs and cats. It offers comfort and a sense of security to your beloved pet, promoting overall well-being.

Realistic heartbeat and heat pack: Calmaroos mimics the comforting sensations of a mother’s heartbeat and warmth, making your pet feel safe and secure. The toy contains a heartbeat simulator and a heat pack that replicates the soothing embrace of a cuddly companion.

Calmaroos Snuggle Puppy

A warm friend with a heartbeat to help your pet relax and not feel alone.

Crate Training with Calmaroos

Crate training is a crucial part of raising a well-behaved and house-trained puppy. It provides a safe space for your young dog and can help with housebreaking, discipline, and reducing separation anxiety. However, some puppies may initially find the confinement of a crate stressful or intimidating. This is where the Calmaroos Pet Anxiety Toy can play a pivotal role.

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1. Comfort in Confinement

Introducing the Calmaroos toy into your puppy’s crate can transform it into a cozy and reassuring den. The lifelike heartbeat simulation and warmth provided by Calmaroos can replicate the comfort of cuddling with their mother or littermates. This familiarity can make the crate feel like a secure and welcoming space for your puppy, helping them adapt to it more easily.

2. Easing Separation Anxiety

Puppies are naturally social animals, and separation anxiety is a common challenge during crate training. The Calmaroos toy’s soothing heartbeat and warmth can help alleviate the anxiety your puppy feels when you leave the room or the house or experiencing separation anxiety. This can make the crate a place where your puppy not only tolerates being alone but where they feel comforted and secure. Note, if your dog has severe separation to the point they are destroying items, this is still a plush toy that can be destroyed and it would be best to work with a trainer that specializes in separation anxiety.

3. Stress-Free Crate Training

Calmaroos can be a game-changer in your crate training journey. It helps create positive associations with the crate and reduces the stress and anxiety often associated with confinement. This can lead to quicker and more successful crate training for both you and your puppy.

Calmaroos for dogs that just like to snuggle

My dog Maggie is very crate trained, you could say she is obsessed. But she loves to have her head or her snot elevated, like the princess she is. I was at SuperZoo in Vegas with Maggie and Rossi and decided to give the Calmaroos toy a try, she instantly snuggled her head up on it, I think the shape and heat competent was perfect for her snuggling needs. And to this day she loves resting her head and curling up along the Calmaroos puppy in her bed. She took to it much more than I ever imagined she would!

Calmaroos VS Snuggle Puppy

There are other brands on the market, but I’ve been using Calmaroos vs the competitors for a few reasons.

  1. Calmaroos is women founded and a small business (both of these I love!).
  2. Calmaroos donates 2 lbs of food to rescues/shelters with the sale of every plush sold!
  3.  The heartbeat comes with 2 AAA batteries that last 3 weeks straight if left on continuously
  4. Calmaroos comes with 2 heat packs that each last 36 hours (while most competitors only come with 1 and they last up to 24 hours) .

A Versatile Solution for All Ages

The beauty of Calmaroos is that it’s not just for puppies. As your pet grows, the toy remains a valuable tool for calming anxiety in various situations, including trips to the vet, car rides, or thunderstorms. Calmaroos offers consistent comfort, making it a long-term investment in your pet’s well-being. See #4 above about my senior dog falling in love with it.

Calmaroos Pet Anxiety Toy is a versatile and indispensable tool for pet owners, particularly those struggling with anxiety or with puppies undergoing crate training. By easing separation anxiety, creating a comforting environment in the crate, and facilitating a stress-free training process, Calmaroos can make life easier for both you and your furry friend. This toy is a practical solution that not only helps your pet adjust to crate training but continues to provide comfort and support throughout their life by offering a realistic heartbeat and warmth, this innovative toy provides a soothing and comforting presence, helping your pet feel safe in even the most challenging situations.

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