New puppy? What to put on your new puppy shopping list.

Everything you need for your new puppy shopping checklist!

Having a new puppy is one of the most exciting things. But what do you need to buy?!  I’m here to help ensure you have everything you need for your puppy’s arrival.

Buying new things for your puppy is really fun, but one of the most important things you can get for your puppy isn’t found in a shop – pet insurance. I urge you if you take only one thing away from my blog it’s to consider pet insurance and do so early. You can read all about my many reasons here. Lastly, down the road I would pack a bag of emergency items, you can read about that here.

Now off to check items off our new puppy shopping list!

Potty Training Necessities

Need all the potty training tips and tricks? Yes, you can potty train your puppy in just a few days. Get all the potty training secrets here.

Skouts Honor Urine SPray

Unique Urine spray

Fake Grass Patch

Pee Pads

Full Moon treats

Pupford treats

Crate training shopping list

Diggs crate

Plastic crate

Groov Training aid

Brindle washable crate bed

Washable crate pad

Snuggle puppy

Puppy Toys

Puppies love to explore with their mouths and having different types of toys helps them do so. I usually get a variety and see what my puppy enjoys the most, rope toys, plush toys, etc.

kong puppy

Ballistic Hide n Treat

KONG Puppy tire

petsatages antler chew

Petstages chew toy rings

Jax&Bones puppy rope toy

Mental Enrichment Toys

Mental enrichment is something crucial for puppies and adults. I feed my puppies one meal a day out of some enrichment toy or game, it helps work their minds, tire them out and more. These toys will also last them through adulthood too! I would start with the Snuffle Mat, a KONG and the Orbee-Tuff toy.

Planet Dog Snoop

WestPaw Toppl


Kong stuff-a-ball

Kong Wobbler



I’m a huge fan of using a variety of treats and chews. Most of what I use is just meat – to prevent my dogs from getting an upset tummy, additional calories and to keep it healthy. If you’re asking yourself what are the best treats for goldendoodle’s or really any breed here are my top picks!

If you have a SUPER strong chewer the sure to refer to this blog post too.

Full Moon DUck training treats

Full Moon CHicken training treats

Pupford training treats

Blue-9 inspire training treats

NorthWest Natural treats

Treat Pouch


Beginner dog training books to get you started on the right path.

Doggie Language

Perfect puppy in 7 days

The puppy Primer

Preventing seperation anxiety

Guide to resource guarding

Working like a dog coffee table book

I start training the day my puppy comes home. Are you ready to get training?  Click here to see what you need to get started and answers to common questions when starting training your doodle puppy.

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