LA Street art photography with Maggie and Aimee

I have traveling by myself down to an art: from US highways to the English countryside to Japanese railways to New Zealand beaches — it’s all second nature by now.   When I adopted Maggie, she fit in seamlessly into my traveling life, as if she’d already learned the art of travel in her time as a stray.  Or maybe it’s just that we both have the same curious, independent and maybe-sometimes-a-little-bit-selfish streak.   If we’re going to invite someone else along on our travels, that person (or dog) has to be a very special creature.

So meet Aimee.  You might recognize her from our Nashville video.  Aimee was our co-conspirator in exploring every coffee shop, landmark, dog park, and (sometimes sketchy) bar in Music City.   She was our lovely assistant for Maggie’s show at the Vanderbilt children’s hospital.  She stopped me from wearing my Converse to upscale social scenes.  And she sang karaoke with me at a roadside bar in a double-wide trailer.  Everyone should be lucky enough to have a friend like Aimee.

Now we’re back in the Tinseltown mayhem.  This weekend, the three of us hit the streets of downtown Los Angeles for some yummy organic food and photo-ops at murals and street art.

We love these photos, and we think you will, too.  Aimee does wonderful work with a camera.

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