12 of the best dog beds to keep your dog comfortable

How to find the perfect dog bed for your dog

Buying and finding a dog bed seems simple right? Go to a pet shop and pick out something cute. Except with dogs it’s not that simple. Just like us human, who have our own sleeping preferences so do our dogs. Below is my top tips to ensure you find the best dog bed for your dog.

From dog beds I throw in the wash to beautiful and luxurious beds the dogs curl up in. I can’t wait to hear which one your dog likes the best.

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Before you go crazy shopping take a look at how your dog likes to nap, that will help you pick the perfect bed for your dog. Does he stretch out like a worm? Or maybe she curls up in a ball like my Maggie. With that in mind let’s start shopping for the best dog beds.

Dog Mats 

  1. Pet PLAY’s chill pad mat’s are a staple in my home. I have at least 5 of these. Let me explain why. They are small enough to throw int he car and bring out with us, my dogs are trained to stay in these mats (video on that here) so when we go to a cafe or even a friends house bringing these along is easy, keeps them clean and helps them stay well behaved. The Pet Play mat’s also fit great in crates as well!  They wash amazingly! Mine must have been through the wash at least 50+ times and still hold up great. The bottom is non slip which helps keep them in place no matter where we are.

Use code Maggierossi for 20% off at Pet PLAY.

The bed destroyers 

  1. Primo Pads – for the dogs that destroy dog beds, this is for you. The rest here probably won’t stand up to the bed destroyers but these will. They come in standard sizes but best of all you can send them measurements and get them made in a range of colors and custom sizes for a reasonable price. All made in the USA.

Crate Beds

  1. Brindle beds are my go to for crates if I’m not using the Pet Play pads (mentioned in #1). 

Brindle beds are very reasonably priced, the cover is machine washable (important to me), memory foam and super comfortable. They fit crates really well! I’ve had two that have been under daily use for 5+ years and are still plush and lovely. 

  1. Diggs bed. I would say a bit fancier and a bit more minimalist looking that the brindle beds but not as puffy or squishy, made to fit the Diggs Crates (to be noted the one above also fits the Diggs crate).

Round sleepers

  1. Animals Matter’s donut dog beds are my favorite for the the dogs that love to sleep in a circle or curl up. These hypoallergenic, orthopedic beds are made with eco-friendly materials and handcrafted in California. They are stunning and a huge hit in our home. Many also say the donut beds have a calming effect on many anxious dogs, a win win all around. I honestly can’t think of a nicer looking dog bed. Lots of other colors available, Maggie has an all white one.

  1. Windracing bed – This is a small bed, for like dogs 15ish lbs and under (and cats too). But we’ve had some much larger dogs around 30lbs try to squish into it but I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s cheap, it’s small, but all the dogs like it!  If you’re not looking the break the bank or want to try a bed out for your picky smaller dog this is well worth it as a dog bed for small dogs.
  1. Sleepypod mobile pet bed – I have no idea why my dog is OBSESSED with these. It’s a crash tested car carrier but for some reason he LOVES to sleep in it? Maybe the supportive sides? Or the ultra plush interior (he also loves the hammock attachment) but Rossi is obsessed.

The dogs that love to stretch out

  1. The Boxy beds – For the dogs that love to stretch out I love these beds from Pet Play. There is a liner in these that keeps the filler evenly distributed over times (and after washes) which is honestly one of my favorite features. While with other dog beds there becomes a clear shift of the filler towards one end of the bed and makes them not as appealing but also not providing as much support for our pets. Machine washable and dryer friendly, made in the USA and with eco-filler. We love how these looks and how they last in our home. Not to mention Pet PLAY donates a bed to a shelter pet in need for each purchase.

Use code Maggierossi for 20% off at Pet PLAY.

  1. The paw.com bed is so cute it almost doubles as a floor rug. These faux fur orthopedic beds are adorable! Not quite as thick as the other dog beds above but still enough to give support , has a lifetime guarantee it won’t go flat and of course it’s machine washable. These beds are always on sale on the paw.com site, I’ve actually never seen them listed at normal prices (which actually kinda bothers me, why even pretend they cost more, anyways). Super cute bed that fits the aesthetic of a lot of homes.
  1. Beds with bolsters –  Maggie loves to rest her head on pillows, if your dog is like this too, consider one with bolsters on the side – the Animals Matters bed #7 also allows this.

For dogs that love to bury

  1. Paikka Recovery burro bed. We love everything Paikka makes and this is no different. Made to help with recovery while giving the perfect burrowing area.
  2.  Pet Play Snuggle bed. This bed is great for those that like to get deep under the covers, that dig to bury themselves in their own little safety of their bed.

Outdoor dog beds

  1. The pet fusion bed has lived outdoors at my house for over 2 years and still stands strong, despite rain, wind and harsh California sun. Our dogs do not live outdoors but they have beds outdoors for when we are outside or they choose to sunbath in the mornings. I love that this bed is elevated, easy to hose off and has a bolster.
  1. The PetPlay mat’s also come in an outdoor format, these come along on our camping trips and to horse shows. Easy to hose off or put in the wash. These beds have seen mud, sticks and lots of adventures and still look great! Use code Maggierossi for 20% off at Pet PLAY.

Custom dog beds

  1. Looking for something specific to match your aesthetic? Check out Jax & Bones that is made in S. California. There is a ton of options from styles to fabrics to choose a bed that fits the aesthetic of your home. We personally love the faux-leather.
  1. Looking for something cheap? My favorite place to get cheap dog beds is Home goods (and TJ Maxx) they have a huge bed selection usually and very reasonable prices!

With all these great products here are the things I keep in mind when shopping for dog beds.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right bed for your dog:

  1. Size Matters: Make sure to measure your dog and choose a bed that will accommodate them comfortably. A bed that is too small can cause discomfort, while one that is too large may not provide enough support.
  2. Support: Look for a bed with good support, especially if your dog has joint issues or is an older dog. Orthopedic beds are a great choice for dogs with joint problems.
  3. Material: Choose a bed made from materials that are durable, easy to clean and hypoallergenic. Memory foam and supportive cotton are good options. I personally always look for beds I can unzip to wash.. cause accidents and messy chews do occur.
  4. Comfort: Dogs love soft and cozy beds, so consider the bed’s filling and texture when making your choice. Some dogs prefer a fluffy bed while others prefer a firmer one.
  5. Safety: Make sure the bed is free of any sharp edges or small parts that could be chewed off and swallowed.
  6. Washability: Consider a bed with a removable and washable cover, as accidents and spills can happen.
  7. Budget: Dog beds can range from budget-friendly to high-end, so set a budget of what you’re comfortable spending.

In conclusion, take the time to choose a bed that is the right size, offers good support in a way your pet naturally likes to sleep, is made from safe and comfortable materials, and is easy to clean. By following these guidelines, you’ll be able to find the perfect bed for your pup!

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