How to easily teach your dog to sit

From getting your dog to sit to stay sitting without treats, here is everything you need to know.

Sit. It seems so simple but that doesn’t mean you should pass on over it. This is my dogs default behavior, meaning if they want something – to go outside, a piece of my lunch, to say hello – they sit. To get there I heavily rewarded sit, and anytime they wanted something I asked for that sit. But first… they have to know how, with the following videos you can easily teach your dog to sit.

Once your dog understands the concept of sitting it’s time to add some duration, you don’t want a sit for just a few seconds. You want your dog to sit and stay sitting, this following video will help get you there.

Now when I’m out and about my dogs always sit when I ask, it’s been heavily reinforced and I usually don’t have treats on me.

Next, we will go over how to slowly take the steps to get there Remember you will still want to reward every now and they – just as we like to get pay checks and positive reinforcement too – so do our dogs. But when you are out at a pet friend store and need your dog to sit you can be confident he will too.

Troubleshooting to get your dog to sit

Sometimes you hit road bumps when teaching new behaviors and that can be frustrating. So if your dog is jumping up or back up when you are teaching a sit, no worries, these videos are just for you.

Once your pup has conquered sitting, start practicing everywhere! Outside, the kitchen, the front porch, etc. And the next time your dog is jumping and excited to have something – like dinner – ask for that sit and then reward.

How to teach your dog to sit

I hope this helps get you a nice patient sitting dog too.

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