12 of the toughest dog toys

12 durable and indestructible dog toys that stand up to heavy and strong chewing dogs

Updated: December 28, 2023

Some of us have dogs that save every toy like a precious belonging for years and others have dogs that destroy toys within moments.

Dog toys for heavy and tough chewers

If the latter is you are probably wondering what toys will last a little longer and of course still bring your pet joy. With a rotation of dogs in our house for boarding and training I have my favorite go to dog toys for those tough toy destroyers, these are all toys that I use and buy for my tough chewing clients that come over.

Did you know? Why we won ‘t use Benebone?

Be careful what toys and chews you allow your dogs to chew on, if you can’t dent it with a fingernail the bone or chew isn’t safe and can crack your dogs teeth.

Benebone, antlers and Himalayan chews aren’t allowed in our home (unless for puppies with puppy teeth as stated on our puppy shopping list) as they do crack teeth. It’s simply not worth the pain your pet will be in and the money for dental surgery.

Below are a list of our favorite, safe, durable dog chews that won’t crack your dogs teeth.

Durable Plush Toys for Dogs

Fluff & Tuff

Starting with plush toys, some dogs simply like to only destroy soft toys. This is one of the favorites in our house for our careful toy loves and the destroyers. Keep in mind they are still plush, they are double stitched and have a durable thick mesh liner too. Highly recommend these. PS – Rossi is fully convinced the Flamingo is his girlfriend, this is the only toy he is actually in love with.

Mighty Toys

These aren’t as plush as the Fluff & Tuff series but are still in the same category. They are quite hard though compared to plush feeling. They are made of two levels of material and 4 rows of stitching, I would say that these may be stronger than the Fuff & Tuff, but not exactly a soft cuddly toy. Great for our destructive chewers. For water loving pups some of these float too!

Outward Hound

Next up, Outward hound makes some really tuff dog toys that after being pierced still squeak! Another great option for those tough chewers. They don’t have stuffing and they have a strong binding to help make them last even longer.

Durable Toys & Balls for Dogs

West Paw

Makes some fantastic tough toys, some for throwing, chewing and some for stuffing with bones and chew items. For the toughest of chewers I would go with the ZogoFlex pictured here. These toys are amazing!!


We don’t do antlers or benebone in our house as they can crack teeth – instead we use Indestructibone –  a virtually indestructible professional-grade chew toy. They stand behind it so much they will give a 30 day guarantee. Strong enough for the super-strong chewers but can dent it with a fingernail and hence won’t crack those teeth. This won’t be loved by dogs that don’t like chewing on antlers and hard bones, this is for the super-strong chewers.

Note: This comes in various sizes so be sure to get the appropriate size for your dog.


Kongs are a staple in my house, but it’s important to know that not all are equal and the KONG colors represent different chew strengths. From puppies to extreme chewers. Great for stuffing, freezing, and providing that mental enrichment. But for the strong chewers be sure to get the black kong.


Makes some great toys that are scented, this is great for dogs that are attracted to benebones due to the smell but want to avoid cracked teeth.

ZoomieRex Ball

For the ball lovers that destroy tennis balls, this is for them. Made by PetPlay, floatable and non toxic these will stand up to any of the ball obsessed dogs all day long.

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Puller Dog ring

This is a hit for dogs that love to chew hard items or tug. I’ve found it’s the perfect harness to keep dogs engaged without chipping those teeth. This has been a hit with puppies and adults. Note if your dog doesn’t love hard toys they probably won’t play with this.

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