How to teach your dog to boop their nose

How to teach your dog a nose boop

You may have seen a dog doing a nose boop trick, maybe for the snoot challenge or maybe in a cute video with a toy. Teaching your dog a nose boop isn’t hard and can be fun to teach. A nose boop is where your dog pushes their nose usually through something, like your hand in a circle, a cut-out in food item like a watermelon or a toy (like you’ll see in the video below).

Now, this is different than us just tapping or booping our nose because they are doing the behavior and consenting to it. Not all dogs love their faces being handled and poked so this is a great way to build confidence with your dog’s face bring handled, build your bond and do it on his/her terms.

If you’re looking to just have your dog push his nose into your hand for a touch behavior check out our video here.

Teaching your dog to do a nose boop

always, our training is with positive reinforcement, and you’ll need some tasty treats on hand. Need some recommendations? We have a list for you here. Let’s get started!

  1. With a treat, lure your dog forward onto your hand between your thumb and index finger. Repeat this a few times.
  2. Begin to close your fingers around your dog’s snout and reward right away. Do this over and over till he’s comfortable.
  3. Next, create a circle with your hand and lure your dog through it with a treat. As he starts to put his nose through reward him. If your dog is nervous, reward any motion towards the circle and build up the distance.
  4. As your dog begins to understand this with lots of practice start saying your word, like ‘boop’ before you ask for him/her to put their nose through.
  5. As your dog begins to successfully do this every time you ask, start mixing it up by using new items and asking in new places around your home.
  6. In no time your pup will be boop-ing too!

We hope you have a lot of fun training together! Ready to learn more? Check out more trick tutorials here.

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