How to teach your dog head down and head up

Teach your dog head down and head up.

Teaching your dog to put their head down (or up) is a super simple trick to teach. You might be wondering why do I want to teach my dog this? Perhaps you’re getting your AKC Trick title, or to take cute photos of your pup, see Rossi with his head down below, or just to help build up your pups confidence or grow your bond together through training.

I mix up my own dogs training with things they can learn quickly (like teaching head down) and things that might take longer like teaching a handstand. Just like when we learn things, the easy goals are sometimes really fun too.

How to teach your dog to put their head down

To start with teaching head down it helps if your dog is an elevated platform, this will help you build this behavior fast. I use a Klimb by Blue-9 but you can also use things like an ottoman, your couch or the top of a staircase in your home. Grab your treats and call your dog and let’s get started!

How to teach your dog head up!

It will help if your dog has mastered a head down first, once you got that under your belt let’s move onto teaching your dog head up.

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