How to teach your dog to jump through a hoop!

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, teaching your dog to jump through a hula hoop can be a lot of fun! Note if you have a young puppy or senior dog with arthritis, I suggest skipping this as it involves jumping, but there are lots of other tricks you can focus on – take a look here.

All our training is done through positive reinforcement, so get your tasty treats ready. Need treats? Take a look at the ones I recommend and use here.

How to teach your dog to jump through a hoop

  1. Start by having your hula hoop on the ground and get your dog comfortable walking around and over it. Reward your pup adn tell him how great he’s doing!
  2. Next, hold the hula hoop with one hand and with the bottom of the hoop touching the ground, with the other hand lure your dog through the hoop with a treat. If you struggle doing this, try tossing a treat and seeee if your dog follows it through – if you go back to luring.
  3. As your dog beegins to understand this game slowly raisee the hoop higher.
  4. Be sure not to go too high and end your training session on a good note.

We hope you both have a lot of fun learning this new trick together!

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