How to teach your dog to do a figure 8 and weave between your legs

Teaching your dog to a figure 8 trick is a fun trick for both kids and adults!

  1. Start with your feet at least shoulder distance apart. Wide enough that your dog can easily fit through.
  2. Start by bending and put ting your weight on one leg and lure your dog under that leg. It help’s to create a smoother lure by having your hand come from behind and under your leg to lure your dog through. As I switch sides – asking my dog to weave to the other leg – I bend my other leg.
  3. Once your dog is understanding this after a few practice sessions start to speed up your movement under your leg.
  4. Next, begin asking your dog to weave back and forth between both legs, having a fluid hand movement here helps – that might take a few tries but you’ll get it.
  5. Begin to raise your hand so it’s not right in front of your dogs face and no longer luring, fading out the hand cue. I turn my cue into pointing and my bent leg – you can do what ever works best for your dog.
  6.  Lastly, begin to put more repetitions together and very soon your dog will be doing figure 8’s too! 

We hope you and your pup have fun learning to do this together. Tag us in your training videos, Maggie, Rossi and I would love to see your progress.

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