Getting started with golden doodle training

An easy guide to begin dog training!

Dog training starts right here!

You might be training in advance of bringing home your new puppy or you’re looking to get started on golden doodle training with a puppy you just got or you have an adult cavapoochon you want to start training – it’s never too late no matter the breed!

Getting started with golden doodle training

You’ve bought everything for your puppy and now it’s time to train so he or she can be the perfect family member. Puppy training is my absolute favorite type of training! And it can be yours too with the right tools… don’t worry I’ll hold your hand through it.

Below we are going to discuss:

  1. Who am I? And why I’m excited to help you.
  2. What you’ll need to start puppy training.
  3. How long to train your puppy for.
  4. and other helpful tips!

Meet me, Nicole Ellis.

I’m a certified professional dog trainer, pet lifestyle expert and mom to two amazing doodles, Maggie a poochon and Rossi a cavapoochon as well as a fat horse named Cali. Come meet us in the video below and if you want to learn more – head to our bio.

How long should you train your dog for?

Keep your sessions short – especially with a puppy. Your sessions should be about 5-15 mins then take a break, throw a ball or go for a walk. You can do multiple training sessions with your dog but it’s important these remain fun and end on a high note with something your pet understands – we want it to be fun after all.

What you need to start puppy training your dog today!

As you see in the video, the most important things you need are

  1. Treats
  2. A leash
  3. and of course your dog.

The best dog treats for training

Here are my top picks for dog treats as well as the dog training pouch I wear this always me to easily have…and not spill treats during our doodle training together.

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But, there are a few other things I use every time I start training – these aren’t required but can help you get a jumpstart. I use the Klimb, pictured below, with all dogs – from doodle puppies to grown Great Danes. Putting them on an elevated surface makes training easier for both of us and helps them focus a little bit more. You can find an object around your house too, I use the Klimb due to it not slipping when the jump on it, easy to store and clean, and doesn’t get hot outside.

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Let’s start dog training!

You are officially ready to conquer doodle training! Click here for free videos of the first things I train any dog – no matter the age.

Have fun and remember to end on a high note!

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