Canada Pooch Weighted Calming Vest review

Dogs can get anxiety over many different things and while I’m always going to suggest training there are a lot of calming products that can actually make a big difference too. Today let’s dig into the new Canada Pooch weighted calming vest (and code Rossi15 takes 15% off if you decide you want to test it out too).

I learned about the Canada Pooch Calming jacket at Global pet expo and was immediately intrigued, there are a few different calming products on the market and I’ve been trying them out to see how they work for my own dogs and potentially for clients pets.

Did you know?

This isn’t a paid ad, Canada Pooch has not paid me for my review, all the below information is based on my own testing and experiences.

Canada Pooch weighted calming vest review

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Rossi exhibits anxiety approaching meal time, I notice he starts nibbling his fur on his paws in anticipation for his meal, the good news is that I know this will occur and hence could see if this made a difference when put on it. And it absolutely did.

The canada pooch jacket has a weighted component that distributes up to 3% of their body weight across the dogs shoulders in addition to being a form snug jacket that also provides calming relief. Upon putting on it on Rossi the nibbling immediately stops and he seems much more at ease and lays down.

Rossi weighs 17lbs so he is right on the border of a small and medium, I got him the small and it fits him well – although it does look like he’s wearing a crop top but I reached out and they said it fit him right. I think the medium might be too large/loose around his torso.

This could be a great easy option for dogs that may have anxiety or stress during activities such as car rides, vet visits, thunderstorms, fireworks and more.

What you’ll love about the Canada Pooch weighted calming jacket:

  • Removable, non-toxic and washable – The weighted insert is removable and with non-toxic microbeads, which is handy if you want to warm it up – but also handy to wash the jacket easily.
  • 3% weight –  Weighted calm insert is designed to be up to 3% of your dog’s body weight to comfortably sit across their shoulders and gently apply pressure. The perfect amount!
  • Velcro is easy – There is a lot of velcro jackets and harnesses out there, and honestly I find many of them to be too loud when putting on and taking off which can add additional stress to a pet, but this one isn’t like that and I’m so happy about it!
  • Weight + Snug – the combination of the weight plus snug fit seems to be the perfect decompressing combo to help my dog with his stress and anxiety.

Canada Pooch Weighted Calming Vest

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