How to teach your dog to spin in a circle

Get your dog spinning in circles in no time

This is a fun and easy one to teach! 

  1. Start with some tasty treats – or your dogs meal. With the treat at your dogs nose height lure them around in a circle and reward with your treat. If needed reward in small steps as you move around the circle.
  2. Repeat this and and as your pet starts to understand it, begin saying your verbal cue right before you lure them such as ‘circle’.
  3. When your pet is understanding over time begin to raise your hand just slightly to turn your hand luring into a hand cue. If your dog isn’t fully going in a circle be sure to keep your hand with the treat right by their nose.
  4. If your dog is struggling gently wrap the leash behind your dog and as you lure your pet with out hand use your other hand to guide them around using the leash, this may take a few tries for you together the coordination but it will help it click for your pet.
  5. If you dog is doing a really wide circle help them make it smaller by moving your pet onto a platform, like a Klimb, while teaching this and to help them learn body awareness.

Have fun spinning in circles!

Teach your dog to spin in a circle

Potion is an Alaskan Klee Kai from Thurisia. I’m so happy she was able to help with this video.

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