Our 10 favorite new pet products from SuperZoo 2021

Our big list of our favorite new dog products from SuperZoo 2021

Every year my dogs, Maggie and Rossi Bear, and I load up our SUV and head to Superzoo in Las Vegas. SuperZoo is filled with new pet products and items for pet retailers to learn about and order, from big huge pet stores to local stores in your neighborhood. There is everything from fish bowl lighting, dog treats, chicken harnesses and more. 

Maggie and Rossi at Superzoo 2020

The last SuperZoo I attended I was looking for products that would be a fit for us the use while training and filming Amazon’s The Pack, filming finished, covid came and it led to a very different SuperZoo experience this year with fewer retailers and lots of precautions on my part to keep me, my family and my clients safe. It was also a great opportunity to meet some smaller brands with fewer large brands attending and of course to see and learn about the new pet products on the market. I’m super excited to share our favorite products from SuperZoo 2021 with you here.

  1. Scratch Square by DeVora My dog Rossi Bear is a digger, he LOVES to dig in his iDig digging toy so much I have to keep it hidden (watch him digging here). I was excited to finally see a toy that involves digging while benefitting his nails by helping keep them short. You simply insert a few treats into the toy and let him dig. Rossi does have a dig on cue  (from using his iDig) so getting him to do it was quite easy but I saw a few dogs figuring it out through trial and error as well. I did purchase one and Rossi does seem to get the treats out decently quickly so I think may need to bring it out a few times a week but what a great step forward in dog products that benefit their health while providing mental enrichment. To be noted I will only use this while under supervision to ensure my dogs aren’t chewing it as I don’t want their teeth on the sandpaper, so far this isn’t an issue. 
  1. Petralyte’s Electrolyte Supplement for Dogs – Another fantastic new product that launched this year was an electrolyte supplement called Petralyte. As a dog trainer, I get often asked how to help a dog drink more in various scenarios from hot weather, to a dog that threw up and could use more fluids or for when joining on outdoor adventures. While I have a few tricks up my sleeve  for these scenarios it’s fantastic to see a product out there that provides the electrolytes these dogs could use. I’ll be packing some for my upcoming camping trip with my dogs!
  1. Mella pet thermometer – I learned about this product a recent pet start up event and was really excited to see it and even use it on my own Rossi Bear at Superzoo. Mella is launching a pet thermometer that allows you take your pets temperature via under their arm. Now if you’re like me you’ve probably dreaded or perhaps completely  avoided taking your dogs temperature, but your dogs temperature can tell you all about their health when they aren’t well and it’s really important. I know both my dogs and I will be a lot less stressed getting their temperatures taken once I get this (I signed up for the preorder right there I was so excited).
  2. PupLid – I love family-run businesses and I really love when it’s for the greater good of the dog too. Puplid is a new family run business of true dog lovers – one of the family members is even a veterinarian in So Cal. Puplid is beyond adorable hats for dogs, but what I don’t think most realize is that dogs eyes are sensitive to light just like ours and we want to keep our pets healthy nose to tail which includes their eye sight. My dogs wear doggy eye protection when we are out on the motorcycle to protect their eyes from the elements. For our hikes on sunny days or beach time I love giving my dogs a cute easy option to protect their eyes and Rossi absolutely loved all the extra attention he got wearing his Puplid’s hat around the conference.
  1. Wrap-ups by Stashios – no one likes giving dogs meds and if you have a picky dog it’s a whole new ball game. I haven’t seen this before and thought the idea was something new and innovative. Similar to a fruit roll-up you can roll it around a pill making it as little or large as needed to help you pup get their meds quickly and easily.
  1. CrittEar Ear plugs – While this may sound strange at first but if you have a sound sensitive dog like my senior dog Maggie it makes a lot of sense. I also do a lot with my dogs which involves some loud activities such as riding motorcycles or cheering on my boyfriend at motorcycle track days. That’s when I really started searching for dog ear protection for those out moments and secondly to use for Maggie on nights such as 4th of July to make it less stressful on her. But I was shocked to see finding ear protection for small to medium sized dogs was pretty much non existent. So I was excited to see the CrittEar dog ear plugs that just launched, a product I think can help protect and relax a lot of dogs.
  2. Tick Check– I found a tick on Rossi lately and luckily was seeing my vet that day but otherwise do I take it to him? Do I pray it’s okay and doesn’t have lyme? Lyme disease is a brutal disease for humans and dogs that effects them their entire life. I learned about Tick check at Superzoo where you select what the tick looks like, what to test for and mail it in and with 48 hours will have results. I love that there is something like this direct to the pet owner to getting answers. Fantastic steps in the right direction for pet health. 
  3. Pet Play food toys – We are big fans of Pet PLAY toys in our household, an eco conscious company that makes some of our absolute favorite toys, puzzle games and beds. No, these aren’t Ruffles they are Fluffles! Rossi and Maggie both love this adorable potato chips toy that the chips pull out of for endless fun and is part of their brand new food toy collection.
  1. Healers paw – Injuries can happen and having products at home or knowing where to get them ASAP can help your pet stay comfortable and prevent further injury. The healers paw is perfect for paw and paw pad injuries, big enough to allow you to use gauze and other medical protection but also keeping your pets injury safe from chewing to be able to heal properly while not limiting mobility. Since seeing this product I’ve had a friend used it when her dog injured her pads swimming and playing, it was exactly what her and her pup needed and now something I’ll keep in my first aid kit as well.
  1. North West Naturals and Farm fresh pet foods. Last but not least, of course Rossi’s favorite of all the booths …the food booths. There was lots of vegetarian treats entering the market this year but Rossi spit all those out. Rossi picked his favorite, which my picky dog Maggie actually gobbled up too. North West Naturals from Oregon offers freeze dried and frozen raw foods as well as treats. Well Rossi not only inhaled their dehydrated food and treats he absolutely refused to leave the booth which was slightly embarrassing. I love learning of well made food and treat options for clients and well Rossi obviously loved this company too. We also can’t forget to mention Farm Fresh pet foods which sell delicious treats, Rossi attempted to steal their jar full of samples every single time we passed the booth. If you’re looking for a new food, a topper or some new training treats we highly suggest looking at both thee great companies.

We hope you learned of some new pet products that might make life a little less stressful and leave a little more time in your day to go out and have fun with your dog.

Thanks for joining us on our SuperZoo adventure again! We will be right here napping.

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